New Orleans, Louisiana (National)

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Faith and fitness – It’s officially trendy. But, are you leveraging your passion and knowledge so that you can be a leader in this growing and powerful approach to fitness?


Begin with Faith & Fitness Magazine’s 2-day National Redefined Conference.  We deliver ideas, resources and contacts to help you truly integrate programs and services into your fitness business that meet the deeper spiritual needs of your members. Sessions are led by speakers who are key professionals in the industry and target unique and specific areas of this rapidly-growing approach to fitness and ministry. If you want to create a more robust experience, achieve a more effective outcome AND reach the 140 million church-going Christian customers plus many more then this conference will empower you to redefine fitness in your community.

Then add two more days. Co-located at the Athletic Business Show and Expo, no other faith focused professional development fitness event maximizes your time, travel and resources.


  • Learn how to do fitness better utilizing proven faith-centered principles and practices.
  • Discover a full array of ready-to-use services, programs and products to grow your business.
  • Expand your professional network and connect one-on-one with key leaders.
  • Gain the ability to reach more people in your community who value faith and want a more holistic approach to fitness.
  • Get more! Our booth in the AB Show Expo is your destination during the Athletic Business Show for additional, ongoing and specific support. The expo hall is full of energy and we’re there to make it especially dynamic for you. Schedule one-on-one conversations with our team to get thoughtful focus on your goals and help so you can build a strong strategy.


Redefined Conference ONLY

This 2-day option is November 6 and 7 providing you with complete access to all of our sessions, and a pass to the AB Show Expo hall all for $119.

Redefined Conference + Athletic Business Show

This 4-day option is November 6 through 9. You get all nine sessions during two days of the Redefined Conference PLUS access to the educational sessions and activities at the Athletic Business Show along with your pass to the AB Show Expo. Registration for this 4-day option is done through the Athletic Business Show Registration Page. Use the promo code “FAITH” on the first page during your registration to get the discounted rate of $318 instead of the full rate of $568 (a savings of $250).

Either way you register, be sure to invite a friend to join you.


New Orleans is a world-class destination. Access a variety of resources to help you plan your hotel, travel and more.