Times are changing. We do fitness and experience God very differently than we did just a few years ago. More people than ever before are looking for effective ways to get active and stay healthy AND their need for spiritual help and purpose has never been greater.

The Redefined Conference on a local and national level helps you to network, learn and create new vision. Yet we know you need and want more. 1-on-1 consulting gives you direct and ongoing guidance from a select team of faith and fitness leaders so you can redefine how you do faith and fitness and achieve the outcomes God has for you.



  • Startup
  • Management
  • Budget
  • Ministry
  • Customer/member development and service
  • Publicity, social media and community relations
  • Professional Networking
  • Innovative Programming
  • Site selection, facility design and development, equipment
  • Individual personal development or team staffing

You may be an entrepreneur, long time industry professional, ministry leader or simply a faith and fitness enthusiast. If you’re ready to move forward and grow your opportunities to lead and serve in the faith and fitness culture then your next step is to simply CONTACT US now.