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Chaplaincy-training programs at Y’s equip staff and members to live their faith daily in practical ways to meet the individual and personal needs of others. See how you can get the training and be life.

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YMCA Focus  How can Y’s improve member engagement? How can Christians be more involved at the Y? Joel Schutte, shares five tested and practical initiatives that are making a significant difference today. Consider which approaches could work at your Y.

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Does the Y in your community have a chapel? If so, is it being used? Discover how a Y chapel can become the most significant space within a YMCA and how to grow the presence of a chapel so that it gets used significantly for maximum impact.

In America today there is a network of Y leaders and members that are coming together regularly to strengthen the Christian mission of the Y. Their national conference brings them together in one location to seize the day.

YMCA FOCUS Not every Y in the country has a chaplain. For those that do, there is evidence that the improved and consistent focus on the Christian mission delivers powerful benefits. Chaplain Matt Goebel from the Kosciusko Community YMCA offers this primer for Y's to get started.

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YMCA FOCUS     Ryan Carmen had struggled with obesity for almost as long as he could remember. Then one day he chose to use his Y membership and pursue change. All it cost him was $1. What he gained was a new opportunity to Be Life to others.

By Charlotte Dean
When life has not turned out the way you planned you need more than a get fit quick plan. Several Y’s in Richmond, Virginia now help those in the city to contemplate struggles and identify areas of change. Faith drives these small groups to real change.
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By Brad Bloom
In the summer of 2010 the YMCA rebranded and officially became the Y. Many feared that Jesus Christ lost his membership and that one of the nation’s largest non-profits was going Godless. Since then, countless news stories have helped clarify the Y’s mission. We ask if the Y can do more than wave the banner of Christian principles.
By Lisa Gillota
In the Nordonia Hills area of Ohio a church and a YMCA are under one roof. When that roof needs repair what do you do? Fix it with faith, muscle and music.

For most people running the 26.2 mile distance (42.2k) of a marathon is a big undertaking. Pushing someone that entire distance would require you to expand your range --- of physical ability, determination and your own personal motives. Now do 9 marathons and a lot of other racing events and you’ll start to get an idea of how Gene Carter has learned to stretch further. This is a story to get you inspired then get you pushing yourself to believe for something more. Use the PUSH YOURSELF tool to set your own goals and create your own story.


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