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Antoniette Pacheco and Frank Medrano do extreme calisthenics together. Watch them and you'll be amazed how creative they make fitness. Antoniette's life is amazing in another way. Her personal story of faith is rooted in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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Have you ever been to Cirque De Soliel and dreamed of performing on the high-flying silks? Have you ever become bored with your exercise routine? Today’s suspension training gives you endless ways to do an anti-gravity workout. Laura Monica of WholyFit shares how it can be both fun and faith filled.

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Women compare and contrast body parts with one another as if this body bashing will somehow result in a magical transformation. If you could see as Jesus sees, through His lens of beauty, how would it change you?

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Kim Dolan Leto may be a fitness model but what she really likes to model is her life in Christ. In her book F.I.T. – 10 Steps To Your Faith Inspired Transformation, she helps women to be healthy, happy and fit. This excerpt addresses the importance of having a new mindset in Christ. It includes a link to a free chapter download from her book.

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Americans have become too busy to sleep, and we’re suffering the consequences. If we don’t take time to just sit before God and meditate on His goodness, we might spin our wheels and accomplish nothing. This excerpt is from Michelle Medlock Adam’s women’s devotional, Love & Care For The One And Only You.

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Dirty Dancing meets John the Baptist. OK, actually this ministry isn’t that “in-your-face”. But if you know someone who is a stripper or someone who just seems too obsessed with their body then this is worth checking out.

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Los Angeles is the epicenter of entertainment. Here life revolves around delicious food and staying up late. Indulge and it’s easy to give into temptations. The company you keep influences “Normal”. Everyone’s dieting and everyone’s hungry for a better way of living.

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WOMEN'S INTEREST  ATLANTA EDITION Strengthen your faith and build your knowledge of the Bible as you workout. Tracy Mitchell shows you how.


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