By Jason Rhymer, Training Department Editor

There is a Bible verse (in John 9) that seems a bit contradictory until you gain a better vision. “He put mud on my eyes…and I could see.”

These words came alive for me last year. After one of the bootcamps I do in my local community, a client came to me and said, “I found something right up your alley.” He was talking about the Spartan Race – an obstacle course race with mud, walls, barbed wire, fire, and did I say mud? Getting mud in my eyes (literally), helped me to see a completely new way to train and enjoy fitness.

The Spartan Race tag line is “You’ll Know at the Finish Line.” This is so true. Sometimes you have to experience something to really understand it. Just talking about it or trying to explain it to a friend would leave you walking away shaking your head because of your lack of adjectives. For this month’s Training Department article, this topic deserves more than just words on a page. I took on my second Spartan Race (4th mud run/obstacle course race overall) last weekend and brought along a video camera to bring the experience to you.

After an obvious question of “What did you think of the race?”, I asked participants to share how this type of event carried over and affected their spiritual, professional, and social lives. The answers were stunning. These interviews define what the Spartan Race is all about, but they go a little deeper. If we are on a fitness and faith journey, it is inevitable that there will be difficulties. Success will require each of these following attributes:



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