By Eileen Mitchel

Gather together and build relationships with those who do personal training, nutrition, group exercise and much more in the fitness industry all with the bigger goal of meeting the spiritual needs of others.

An interview with Rusty and Julie Bulloch
The UP Television Network has an original reality series, Bulloch Family Ranch. We talked with Rusty and Julie Bulloch to learn more about their big family, their active lifestyle and how their faith in God impacts lives. They lay it all on the line and reveal their heart and soul. Includes a link to Julie’s recipes.
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By Brad Bloom

BEGIN READING THIS MAGAZINE HERE. Take it off --- take it all off. Time to strip away the things that cover what we don’t want anyone else to see. Your modesty is risqué if you don’t first get intimate with God. Don’t wear your faith on your sleeve. Dare to adorn your body with nothing but a beauty that only God can reveal.

By Mary Mack

Modesty isn't something you hear much about in today's world. But, if you’re modest, what motivates you? Before you answer, you’d better check and see how many more Facebook Likes you have since you checked a few minutes ago. Idolizing ourselves over Christ is easier than you think. Stand out, be unique, be different and be noticed – Assert your modesty for Christ.

By Dr. David Biebel

All across North America church congregations are exhausted, run down, stressed out and in survival mode. Not quite what Jesus Christ had in mind when he said, “I’ve come so that you can have life to the full.” Could your church start and grow a health ministry? Yes! Start here, get networked and be equipped with a new found energy.

By Daniel Lovelace

Couples in your community can be Elite Trained, Elite Tested and Elite Proven. It isn’t part of a civilian training program sponsored by the Navy Seals or Green Beret. This is T4C and it could be coming to a church near you – your church!

By Matthew Barnett


Every year parents spend significant money for their children to have fun, get exercise, play sports and be entertained. But wonder if that cost is too great --- not just in money spent but in opportunities lost – for you and your children. Catch a vision to get active, serve others and live the dream that God has for you and your family.
By Brad Bloom

We’re all human and we’re all uniquely made --- “in the image of God”. But what do you do when you see someone who is more unique than you are used to seeing? Do you respect them less or at least not stare? Here is a story about fashion photographer Rick Guidotti and his non-profit Positive Exposure that will help you really see others differently. Take it to heart and you’ll get a better view of God and you. Get exposed now to the beauty of others.

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