By Anna Connelly
If you think a “G-free” diet means it is rated X (as in “Xtremely tasteless”) then get ready to renew your faith. There is hope for you and the many others affected by a diet filled with gluten. No need to keep asking, “Why me God?” Instead try these recipes and you’ll be saying “Wow! Thank you God for a gluten-free diet.” Includes 5 FREE printable gluten-free recipes that you can use now.
This Gluten-Free Lasagna RECIPE is part of the series, The Gluten-Free Diet, Have Faith It’s Flavorful.
An interview with bodybuilder Nick Wright
Young men and big muscles --- Not every guy has them or even wants them but they all want a strong identity. From an early age Nick Wright has been bodybuilding. Now he wants to help build a team of young people that reach for more than weights and peer acceptance to find their true strength in Jesus Christ.
An interview with Bethany Hamilton
If you lost an arm from a shark attack how would it affect your outlook on life? Would you have the confidence to get back in the ocean? The movie Soul Surfer presents a vivid look at the life of Bethany Hamilton and her family. Faith & Fitness Magazine brings you a closer look into Bethany’s faith journey and fitness lifestyle in her own words.
By Dr. Scott Morris
In Memphis, Tennessee the largest faith-based clinic of its type in the United States has more than 36,000 patient visits per year. That’s a lot of positive Christian impact. Do you want to have a greater influence for good in your community? Dr. Morris says that a simple shift in your thinking can help those in your city discover that God is open for business twenty-four hours a day. [One of the top 4 areas for growth in faith and fitness in 2011.]
Brad Bloom's picture
By Brad Bloom
Churches have nice looking steeples but do they produce much energy for a community? Magazine publisher Brad Bloom discusses the extremes in confidence from arrogance to fear. How confident are you in your faith, your fitness and in the impact you have on others?
By Sara Cheatham, M.S.
COMBAT READINESS TRAINING Are you a soldier that is ready for battle? Gain confidence with combat readiness training. This training program includes a complete printable guide that you can easily follow. Time to have some fun, train hard and become “soldier” strong physically and spiritually.
By Laura Monica
Churches often have programs for everything imaginable: food pantries, singles groups, men's breakfasts and more. Church leaders are discovering the value of offering really excellent fitness programs for their community. Laura Monica introduces a variety of fitness programs that will appeal to people of different fitness levels and interests.
This Gluten-Free Salsa Chicken RECIPE is part of the series, The Gluten-Free Diet, Have Faith It’s Flavorful.
This Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread RECIPE is part of the series, The Gluten-Free Diet, Have Faith It’s Flavorful.


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