By Marisa Shadrick

Women, your exercise routine can lose its allure and intended benefits without periodic change. Before you know it, good exercise intentions are sacrificed on the altar of boredom. Discover the advantages of doing diverse physical activity in the office, gym, outdoors and home. You won’t add more to your schedule you’ll enjoy new ways of doing your daily activities. Includes links to key CDC fitness tools.
by Charles Burrage, Jr., Ed.D.
How many times have you regretted eating too much during a Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holiday dinner? This season be healthy. Here are some practical steps that you can take to increase fat cell burn and decrease fat cell storage. Includes free healthy recipes and tips.
By Brad Bloom
Where is your life going? Do you want to kick it up a notch and take it to the next level? If so, then you need to live a life infused with God’s mindset of MORE. [Reading recommendation: Read once before each workout for an entire month.]
By Kimberly Bloom
For a short time each year the great outdoors extends a colorful invitation for a golden getaway. For Faith & Fitness Magazine readers a one-day retreat in the Shenandoah Mountains delivered refreshment, adventure and quiet time to be alone with God.
By Our Whole Community, Incorporated Leadership Team
Imagine a Gold’s Gym, YMCA, community recreation center and personal training studio all working together daily. It is unlikely such a scenario could ever work. Yet one central Florida community has pioneered new territory in the world of fitness through the collaborative efforts of four churches. The result is improved health in the lives of members and a shining example that churches can work together using fitness ministry.
By Eric Wrona
Every guy has one. That “Honey-Do List” is filled with jobs that range from tricky to tough. Oh, if only those chores could be as fun as a good workout at the gym. Dallas-based trainer Eric Wrona says now they can. Get ready to tie your training to those tasks you do for her. Discover how Physical Fitness + Passionate Attitude = Sweet Reward!
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