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How powerful is your fitness?

Somewhere along the way our modern culture convinced many that 'random acts of kindness' is an ideal mindset. But I’d suggest to you that it is an enlightened way of thinking for those who deny the divine.

More difficult for us to come to terms with is the Bible’s instruction, “Choose you this day – who you will serve”. Choice, especially making a choice for righteousness, for "My ways are higher than your ways”, requires a certain amount of intentionality. In fact until you’re totally given over to God’s Spirit, choosing to follow God’s leading will require a lot of intentionality.

Choice is supreme. Randomness falls short. Fitness can be true strength or narcissistic activity.

The Bible offers a simple illustration that can be very tough to embrace.  Two people are giving money at the temple. Call it tithes, offerings, giving to God, doing good, whatever you want --- It was truly “optional” --- they weren’t paying taxes or purchasing something for their own survival or comfort. The wealthy man gave a large amount but it was really just a drop in the bucket compared to his total assets. The widow on the other hand gave just two mites, a trivial amount, but it was ALL she had.


- Random workouts at the gym have no clear focus and limited outcomes. Choice drives focus while exercising and nurtures expectation.

- Random gives to someone in need on occasion. Choice regularly budgets for giving and looks for opportunities.

- Random relationships surprise others with compassion. Choice fosters confidence in others that you will act with integrity and be dependable.

In what ways can you live by choice rather than be being random?

Look at the difference made between random verses choice.  I’m not talking about the difference made in the lives of others but in the lives of these two givers.  The wealthy man randomly decided what percentage of his excess he’d show off. In the fitness culture you’ve seen it. It’s the extremely muscular bodybuilder doing a few more reps because others are watching OR the person at 2% body fat dieting during a shared meal even when there isn’t a competition next week. If Christ we’re using today’s vernacular He’d say, “Big freekin’ deal”!

The widow on the other hand – gave it all! And she did it not because, she wanted to be an early origin for the phrase, “let me give you my 2 cents worth” or because she wanted to get on Facebook and tell everyone how she was so inspired and blessed to show some compassion. Heck no! She was compelled. It wasn’t a matter of doing the right thing it was simply who she was. It was her state of being. She chose to make her will, God’s will with NO consideration that she could depend on herself. Her faith was placed totally in the miraculous mystery of God. In the fitness culture you’ve seen it as the obese person prayerfully commits to reigning in tremendously powerful appetites OR when the weak, de-conditioned, old or disabled person persists through some pain and no evidence of change.

'Choose you this day who you will serve’ is a big deal. It’s a game changer. It’s a defining difference.


‘Choose you this day who you will serve’ is a big deal. It’s a game changer. It’s a defining difference between pagan (yeah, I know that’s a strong word) and being an eager servant to God. And, let’s get this clear: When you think you’ve figured it out and attained it, God increases the weight, changes up the routine, gives you a new challenge and let’s you experience your physical world in yet another new spiritual dimension.

Quit it! Stop doing your pretty little ‘random acts of kindness’ that are socially acceptable, personally palatable, and amount to little more than another selfie. God help us PLEZ!

It’s time for the birth of boldness where YOU spiritually conceive of giving up all you have (leaving your heaven) to dwell among all those around you that are desperate for hope, love and purpose.

Yeah, it’ll cost you everything --- that’s the bold power of choice.


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