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Los Angeles is the epicenter of entertainment. Here life revolves around delicious food and staying up late. Indulge and it’s easy to give into temptations. The company you keep influences “Normal”. Everyone’s dieting and everyone’s hungry for a better way of living.

By Michael Mednick and Brad Bloom
Members of a personal training studio in the Surf City of Huntington Beach, Califronia catch the wave of a new wellness initiative that blends faith with fitness. It is an example of the rising tide of fitness professionals who are pioneering advances in fitness ministry.
By Stephen Simpson, Ph.D.

Of all the environments in which courtship occurs, the gym is one of the most difficult to navigate. Psychologist and author Stephen Simpson identifies and examines five different tactics to engage the attention of women that you find attractive. Learn how to pursue your goals and show her how strong you are.
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