TWIN CITIES EDITION How could losing over 100 pounds change your life and even SAVE your life? 
Minnesota based Crown College Bible professor, Dennis Ingolfsland tells his story of losing weight and finding his life again.

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TWIN CITIES EDITION  Essential, colorful nutrients to add to your plate everyday for YOUR best health! 

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There's a big difference between Faith-Based Fitness and Faith-Centered Fitness. See how 5 simple concepts can transform you fitness facility and programs into life changing ministry.

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Online Personal Training has become popular as people seek affordable options to achieve their health goals and get comfortable with social media technology being a viable solution. Thinking about it? Diana Chaloux – LaCerte guides you in how to make it truly personal.

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Ever been to a rave? You might want to if you want to see how a person’s Christian faith and physical fitness can influence culture. DJ Armin van Buuren’s large music party features Lauren Evans in a live performance that is electrified.

By Matthew Barnett


Every year parents spend significant money for their children to have fun, get exercise, play sports and be entertained. But wonder if that cost is too great --- not just in money spent but in opportunities lost – for you and your children. Catch a vision to get active, serve others and live the dream that God has for you and your family.
Want to go further than building physical and spiritual strength? This is the resource for you. Understand the origins of Muscular Christianity and expand the scope of what Muscular Christianity is today. We’ll introduce you to today’s bold and influential heavy lifters and help you to be one too.
By Brad Bloom
Today, more than ever before there are more fitness options. There are the large big box clubs, community centers, low-cost gyms and specialty facilities. How many gyms in your community provide serious support to meet the spiritual needs of members with the Christian faith? You can bring the next big fitness trend to your city. It’s time to think BIG.

Today’s Bold And Influential Heavy Lifter – by Haley Mull
Chuck Hosking knows how to go the distance. His once a week fifty-mile “bike and hike” is only the beginning. He has found ways to pursue global equity and tithe (give to God) 90% of his income. For him it is all about having the courage to live a life of service and clarity.

Today’s Bold And Influential Heavy Lifter – by Haley Mull
Peter Rohleder is an exercise physiologist, strength and conditioning specialist, fitness trainer, and adjunct professor. He wants people to know that when difficulties arise you can cope with exercise but ultimately failure teaches you to rely on Christ.


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