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Every New Year people VOW to make changes to their diet! They eliminate, cleanse, they detox, and diet. They even follow TV personalities through intense dietary habits and lifestyle overhauls. Does it work?


If it does, then why do we put our bodies through it year after year?  We are going to find out just how effective a sudden and intense change like a Detox can be as a new years goal. Dr. Suzy Youngquist, DC will guide us through the best ways to safely reset and sustain good health all year long!


Dr. Youngquist is a chiropractor by trade, but has spent the past several years researching and being trained on the most effective and safe methods of cellular healing & detoxification. She is owner at Revolution Chiropractic in Maple Grove Minnesota and is answering our questions today on detoxing! 



Faith & Fitness Magazine: What does your field think about new years "detox diets"? In reality, what do our bodies need to cleanse from?

True detoxification must happen on the cellular level.  In reality, our bodies need rest from the onslaught of inflammatory toxins that cause cell mutation and premature aging/cell death.  Sugars, bad fats, and toxins negatively impact the delicate cellular membranes, causing inflammation. 

Inflamed cells cannot detoxify, do not absorb nutrients or hormones, and actually die early (or mutate to survival cells).  In other words, detoxification aimed at other systems of the body to clean the body will be effective short term, but true, long term detoxification comes from nourishing the cells and allowing them to perform their natural detoxification cycle. 

This is why colon cleanses, yeast cleanses, and other fad cleanses are only so effective - they do not address healing at the cellular level.


Faith & Fitness Magazine: What do you suggest for beginners wanting to reset their diet? A detox or cleanse? What is a safe time frame to do one? 

For starters, we find it beneficial to advise a 3-day bone broth or whey water fast as a strategic way to initiate a reset. We call this intermittent fasting, where calories are restricted to 500-800 per day for the purpose of redirecting energy toward healing and detoxification.  

This type of fasting has profound benefits on hormone function, gut health, decreasing inflammation, and brain health.  I recommend it be practiced as a lifestyle for the most profound benefit.  Taking 3 days per month to consume nothing but bone broth or whey water.  

Then, We teach an anti-inflammatory lifestyle eating plan called The Cellular Healing Diet.  This eliminates grains, sugars, bad fats and focuses on clean protein, high amounts of good fat, and moderate amounts of carbohydrates in way of fruits/vegetables/beans within a healthy calorie intake daily.


Faith & Fitness Magazine: What is a healthy way to add foods we love back in after the detox/cleanse? 

Resume eating soft foods day 1 (pureed vegetables and natural yogurt), and then introduce meats and raw foods over a few days.  As you reintroduce foods, note how you feel after consumption.  Bloating, discomfort, headaches, mood changes are all signs the body isn't compatible with a certain food/food type.  


Faith & Fitness Magazine: What about doing a detox like this to find out about food allergies? 

Since food sensitivities and allergies can often be hard to detect, we don't use this as a method of discovering what foods the body is incompatible with.  For this, you can see a natural practitioner in your area that can run lab work or muscle test you/your children for food allergies/sensitivities.


Faith & Fitness Magazine: What are your TOP tips for people who want to reset their diet and eat healthier in the New Year? 

I love the three day fast, as it is a fabulous way to cut cravings and reignite discipline and will power when it comes to putting the right foods in your body.  Most people enjoy feeling more energized, inspired, mental clarity, better sleep, and less pain while fasting and coming off of a fast. It is a wonderful way to transition into an anti-inflammatory diet.  

Our bodies were designed with "grace" implanted in their innately intelligent design.  Just because you've lived a stressful, toxic lifestyle or fallen off of the bandwagon, your body can rebound back to health under the right conditions.  If you provide the right fuel and support the body's natural ability to detoxify by fasting & eating foods that heal, your body will work for you in a powerful way that will prevent disease and reverse illness.



For more information on Revolution Chiropractic and the Cellular Healing Diet, and holistic wellness methods, contact Dr. Suzy Youngquist at or call T: 763.425.4577


Suzy Youngquist, D.C.
With a degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University, Dr. Suzy has an impressive background in Nutritional Healing, Detoxification Therapy, and Corrective Chiropractic Care. Her study of healing New Millennium Disease (Autism, ADHD, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, MS, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease) launched her into a national consulting position to fellow chiropractors.


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