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December 2016/January 2017: Upgrade To The Latest Version Of YOU!

February/March: From Fantasyland To Bigger Than Life

April/May: Fixer Upper - Fitser Upper

June/July: Grit & Grace

August/September: Organic - Outrageous

October/November: Fitness HD

December 2017/January 2018: The Birth Of Boldness

Dec2016/Jan 2017:         Upgrade To The Latest Version Of YOU!

Don’t just do an update. It’s time to install an all new OS that will drive your physical productivity and spiritual influence well into the future.  Features include a longer battery life, new apps, more capacity, improved connectivity and of course a bigger screen for a better view of your life as only God can see it. Welcome to the latest version of YOU! The world’s been waiting.


Feb/Mar 2017: From Fantasyland To Bigger Than Life

Physical fitness and spiritual wellness are at a record low. Yet virtual and mostly anti-social playtime (think Pokemon Go) is at an all time high. This is no game. Take a look at where all the pretending has gotten us and see the difference being made in the lives of those who decide to snap back to reality. We’re looking not just at social distractions but at the fitness and bodybuilding culture AND the church community. Time to get past the inflated and obsessive egos and past the spiritually fluffy memes and discover God’s reality for us that is bigger than life.


Apr/May 2017: Fixer Upper - Fitser Upper

For some it’s a house, others it’s a car or antique. These properties are often in such terrible condition that, “You’ve gotta’ be kidding me?!” is the only way to describe it. For too many people the “fixer upper” is their body AND their spirit.  Both are in such neglected condition that hopeless is how we are convinced we must live life. For many others the good looking renovation lacks restoration – the beautiful façade masks much needed repairs. Through faith there is sustainable design, a master plan, an ultimate makeover that gives new life and lasting value.


Jun/Jul 2017: Grit & Grace

Ready to do some serious training? Time to get into Beast Mode! It’s the chalk dust on those hands It’s the groan and outburst. It’s the pain and the confidence that comes with it. Fitness brings out the grit in all of us. But faith can take it all to a whole new level. Go ahead and hit the wall, then go beyond your limits to push the edge --- when you find the end of your grit, it’s there that you’ll find what’s truly greater --- grace. Be both tough and tender, rowdy yet righteous - We’ve got the workouts and wisdom to keep it real.


Aug/Sep 2017: Organic - Outrageous

What if God’s big master plan isn’t restrictive and controlling like so many fear but instead infinitely WOW! We’re made without the use of artificial anything and designed to exceed the limits of conventional. “Made in His image” is so simple and sooooo beyond anything you can ever ask or hope for.


Oct/Nov 2017:         Fitness HD

This year faith doesn’t just redefine how we do fitness, it puts fitness into “High Definition”. That means greater clarity, a bigger picture, and a better experience for you and others. Get on board with a new resolution and an improved format that doesn’t just look exceptionally close to real --- it is the new reality!


Dec2017/Jan 2018:         The Birth Of Boldness

He may have been born in a lowly manger but boy has Christ rocked our world. Our end of year/beginning of year issue celebrates being born --- again! Tag, you’re it. Don’t play the diet game or repeat the tired, “this time I’ll do better” mantra. Let’s wrap with a better look of your spiritual reality and then show the world you fully embrace a great hope and an even greater strength. Adventure awaits. Daring delivers!




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