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There are three simple ways your gym and church can grow reach and increase impact. There’s an under-reached market that wants to be part of your community. You need to be part of theirs.

Mission Ignition is the largest gathering in North America that brings together key YMCA leaders and staff for the purpose of strengthening the Christian mission of the Y.

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What’s the purpose of exercise? What’s YOUR purpose for doing it? Don’t just chant along with the rest of the tribe. Seek and find something greater. Speak words that bring life to you and others.

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Why me? So many women ask that question. In this important Women's Interest story, Enliven Editor Arian Moore talks with four women about their personal experiences with infertility to help you find faith, fitness and hope.

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Myth #1: The reason people go to the gym and is to live longer and look good. If you’re wondering who could make such an assumption you may be disappointed to learn it could be the leadership of your gym. Why won’t they ask you about your spiritual needs and interests? Find out what happens when they do.
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The October/November 2017 issue features a wide range of articles and other resources built around the theme Fitness HD. The resources on this page are provided as publicity tools for you to share this free magazine with others.

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You can win a championship or achieve success in academics or business—whatever your dream is—and still know there’s something missing. Shawn Maves’ story can help you see the greater vision. Don’t miss anything.

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