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Our Back To Basics Fitness Program is group or individual exercise that combines the TGS ’15 Back To Basics Fitness Workout with practical guidance and resources on the basics of exercise, faith and nutrition. [Multi-page feature.]

With over six hundred homeless persons in their nightly care, Wayside Christian Mission in Louisville serves over two thousand meals daily. Reverend Tim Moseley and staff help them walk with God. It’s no secret, Moseley isn’t just battling hunger, he is waging war on obesity.

Silent agreements are present in our everyday lives. How many have you made and how do they affect your faith journey and physical fitness?

Getting "Back To Basics" doesn't mean going back to a boring 1950's style gym class. TGS '15 is our Back to Basics Fitness Program for all levels of athletes and for any congregation.  Say a prayer, start a timer, and get busy!

That homeless man is working the intersection where the Target shoppers, Starbucks drinkers and gym members exit. If you give of yourself, are you being used? Pray that you are.