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Don’t just do an update. It’s time to install an all-new OS that will drive your physical productivity and spiritual influence well into the future.  Features include a longer battery life, new apps, and a bigger screen for a better view of your life as only God can see it. Welcome to the latest version of YOU!

Culture is trending in directions we could never have imagined. Faith is now a recognized driver in fitness. In this multi-page article Publisher Brad Bloom offers a quick summary of trends and opportunities followed by a detailed report. Join us as we set the stage for the future of the faith and fitness culture.

Are you in pursuit of purpose or continued growth in God’s plan for your life? Either way, Chad Hull has 5 ways you can dream big and build a strong future. This is personal coaching to help you achieve your full potential.

For many Christmas isn’t a time of joyful memories, good tidings and cheer. Instead they are consumed by loneliness, stress, depression and despair. This Holiday Survival Guide offers four tips that can help you maintain mental and spiritual wellness, which ultimately improves your physical wellness.

Ted Cunningham built a ginormous farm table for his wife. A couple in their church prepared a multi-course meal serving a relaxing and high-end experience. Make mealtime healthy and fun. You don’t have to be a nutritionist or celebrity chef, you just have to commit to eating well with those close to you.