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The PureFlix movie Samson is in theaters February 16, 2018. Faith & Fitness Magazine brings you a unique focus to Samson with insights that help you make connections to your faith and fitness lifestyle.

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I like a good cup of fresh roasted coffee. How about you? Ethiopian coffee is ranked as #1. It is simply coffee the way God created it. God created you to be bold. Find out what robust faith looks like and then add some flavor to the lives of those around you.

Tomo Marjanovic is both a police officer and an NPC Classic Physique Competitor. He looks to Christ to live his faith boldly in everything he does.

When I turned 50 my life was a roller coaster, and I did not know where to start first. I learned the importance of leaning on God. Anita, Bob, Jane and Mike are all 50 or older. Their stories will reassure you that our oldest years are our boldest years.  SHARE YOUR STORY to be featured as our "5th story".  When you do you could win some FREE...