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All those mirrors in the gym. Should they be there or not? Let's ask a more important question: how well does your gym reflect who you are spiritually? They need to identify and invest in “passionately-Christian” professionals who have a calling that is crafted and ready to deliver results.

Want to take both your faith and fitness to a new level of intensity? Go ahead and JUMP! Actually, go ahead and run, climb, vault, swing and roll too. Akin to freerunning, parkour is a form of military obstacle course training that brings out the high-flying adventurer in you. The owners at Revolution Parkour in Oregon help students learn...

Our search for the Top Bods On Campus for 2016 has begun. SMART – STRONG – SERVING. What two students will represent your campus in 2016?

Have a craving for some chocolate? Yeah, we thought so. Let us introduce you to the good stuff, some awesome recipes and one sweet chocolate evangelist.

Dirty Dancing meets John the Baptist. OK, actually this ministry isn’t that “in-your-face”. But if you know someone who is a stripper or someone who just seems too obsessed with their body then this is worth checking out.