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Break free from the training attitudes that bind you. God can give you a greater strength as you pursue OUTRAGEOUS physical and spiritual gains. Anthony Dispensa Jr. brings you some spiritual wisdom and cool training videos to do some intense training.

Can Christians live out the Great Commission if they are not well and fit? The stats are saying no. MissionFiT is a ministry that restores health to people so they can live life to the fullest. Read how they can support your church and church leadership.

Expand your church influence outside the walls of your building with a garden ministry. This fresh expression of church can be a versatile, practical and welcoming space to build community physically and spiritually.

He may not be hitting the gym daily curling dumbbells and blowing up the bench press, but 'Man In Overalls' Nathan Ballentine and his wife Mary Elizabeth represent a growing population of fit couples and individuals that combine their love for exercise and gardening. Take nutrition and exercise outdoors and strengthen your faith.

The August/September 2017 issue features a wide range of articles and other resources built around the theme Organic - Outrageous. The resources on this page are provided as publicity tools for you to share this free magazine with others.