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It’s summer time! Get out, get active, have fun --- Hit The Beach!

Where I come from --- everything is BIG, including our workouts. Texas Tough training is not easy but you will see results. Do a dynamic warm-up then get ready to superset your way through strength, core and cardio training. When you’re all done – you’re not done yet. This is intense intents. Give your training some vigorous purpose.

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We bring you 3 Chefs, 3 Salads and 3 Ways To Celebrate Summer. This multi-page article will get you started on one flavorful summer that you can celebrate with all your family and friends. Includes an easy to follow video.

Jill grabbed two towels from the rack and headed to her weekly spin class. Donna, came as often as Jill and made a good riding partner. It was an intense hour of breathless endurance an hour of blissful absolute nothingness. But could it last?