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The fitness scene is crowded with zealous believers. They're passionate about great health and strong bodies. For some of them, fervent might even get fanatical. How about you and your faith? Do you dare to share?

Your church, fitness facility, business or local group AND especially individuals can start a garden ministry in your community. You can bring the benefits of vigorous outdoor exercise, fresh flavorful organic nutrition and spiritually strengthening fellowship and conversation to your area. Get started today!

NUTRITION   If you could get a full 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day think how much healthier you’d be. Now discover how easy and tasty it can be. Two FREE recipes included.

Los Angeles is the epicenter of entertainment. Here life revolves around delicious food and staying up late. Indulge and it’s easy to give into temptations. The company you keep influences “Normal”. Everyone’s dieting and everyone’s hungry for a better way of living.

Edward and Diane, sick and out of shape, decide to get a gym membership and get fit. At the summer family reunion they reveal the results of their hard work and more.