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After more than 30 minutes of total silence I ventured a peak to see what everyone was doing. Like digging for potatoes I found some great finds. People want to LIVE organically --- simple, authentic and pure.

Michael Wittig plays bass for the Christian hard rock band Pillar. He also works hard in the gym building a chiseled physique and a strong brand. See how he brings fitness and faith together to help people achieve their goals. READ NOW.

Break free from the training attitudes that bind you. God can give you a greater strength as you pursue OUTRAGEOUS physical and spiritual gains. Anthony Dispensa Jr. brings you some spiritual wisdom and cool training videos to do some intense training.

Can Christians live out the Great Commission if they are not well and fit? The stats are saying no. MissionFiT is a ministry that restores health to people so they can live life to the fullest. Read how they can support your church and church leadership.

Expand your church influence outside the walls of your building with a garden ministry. This fresh expression of church can be a versatile, practical and welcoming space to build community physically and spiritually.